The Hepatitis C Coalition is a group of leading clinicians, patient organisations and other interested parties committed to the reduction of morbidity and mortality resulting from hepatitis C, and the eventual elimination of the virus.

Half of those living with hepatitis C are still undiagnosed and a mere 4% of those infected are treated each year

The Hepatitis C Trust


Please take this opportunity to write to your MP and ask that they take action by signing an Early Day Motion calling on the Government to cement the commitment it has made to the World Health organisation (WHO) targets for eliminating viral hepatitis. Just click here and download a template letter which you can post or email to your MP.

Hepatitis C is a viral disease which affects the liver. It can go undetected for years, during which time it can cause significant damage and can lead to liver cirrhosis (scarring), liver cancer and death.

Read our Chair Professor Steve Ryder’s Telegraph article in on eliminating hepatitis C.

Read our brand new document ‘Signposting the Way to Elimination by 2025’.

The burden of chronic hepatitis C is substantial and still growing, as people who contracted the virus many years ago begin to develop the long term complications of living with the condition.

Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood-to-blood contact and estimates suggest that around 214,000 people are currently infected with the virus in the UK.

With treatment, hepatitis C is curable for most people. Currently, only around 4% of people with the virus receive treatment each year. The Hepatitis C Coalition is calling for action to improve services to ensure that more people are tested, treated and cured.

Check out our animation for World Hepatitis Day 2018.