The following are resources to inform you about Hepatitis C, and to enable you to take action on our behalf to aid us in its elimination. You’ll also find previous Coalition newsletters, containing updates on our work and other related news pertaining to Hepatitis C prevention.


Click here to read the report from our parliamentary roundtable on Hepatitis C and Blood Borne Viruses in Prisons

Click here to read our statement on The Lancet report ‘Scaling up prevention and treatment towards the elimination of hepatitis C: a global mathematical model’

Click here to read our statement on NHS England and Public Health England’s Hepatitis C patient registry and treatment outcome system

Click here to read our statement on the Health and Social Care Committee’s report on prison healthcare

Click here to read our statement on the Infected Blood Inquiry

Click here to read our Public Statement Backing Supervised Injection Facilities

Click here to read a press release from The Hepatitis C Trust ‘80% of people don’t realise hepatitis C can lead to cancer and only a third realise it is curable’

Click here to read our report ‘Signposting the Way to Elimination by 2025

Click here to read our statement about the APPG on Liver Health’s report ‘Eliminating Hepatitis C in England

Click here to read our statement about NHS England’s aim to eliminate hepatitis C in England by 2025.

Click here to see our 2017 ODN Report [PDF, 2mb]

Click here to see a ‘Vision for Hepatitis C’ infographic [PDF, 700kb]

Click here for a template letter you can send to your MP to demand action on Hepatitis C [PDF, 700kb]

Click here to see our Manifesto for World Hepatitis C Day [PDF, 100kb]

Or click here to see our call to action for the 2017 Manifestos

and click here to see our conflict of interest policy

You can also follow the Hepatitis C Coalition on Twitter @HCVCoalition